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Benefit #1 Getting Started as a Velomobile Rider Owner.
Another benefit chapter after chapter maintenance tips.
Third benefit riding safety, and protecting your investment.
A many more benefits including option reviews

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You will Learn Velomobile Tips and Tricks

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Using Your Velomobile as a commuter, touring, and extended-distance riding machine.

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20 MPH plus with less effort and more comfort with ergonomic seat design.

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With a Velomobile time is on your side. Learn about safety lighting, turn signals, horn as standard equipment.

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Benefit #1 When you read the FREE eBook, you will understand more than most Velomobile riders.
Another benefit Velomobile Riders Checklist.
Third benefit DIY service guide covering most issues.
A Big benefit is finding out how to save with a pre-built Velomobile. 

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