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Riding and Touring with Velomobiles:

The Ultimate Cycling Experience

For cycling enthusiasts, the Velomobiles world opens up a new realm of possibilities. With their sleek design and impressive aerodynamics, these human-powered vehicles offer a thrilling and efficient way to commute, tour, and explore. This article will delve into Velomobiles, discussing their features, advantages, and why they make for an unmatched riding and touring experience. The Velomobile pictured below is similar to mine without the graphics, and the driver’s cockpit hood is red instead of black.

Velomobile Bulk
Velomobile Buik with integrated Suspension System.

What is a Velomobile?
A Velomobile is essentially a human-powered vehicle (HPV) that combines elements of bicycles and aerodynamic shells. Designed to reduce drag and increase efficiency, these enclosed three-wheeled vehicles offer a unique and exhilarating cycling experience. Velomobiles features a recumbent seating position, allowing riders to pedal while reclining and comfortably protected from the elements.

Advantages of Velomobiles
One of the most significant advantages of Velomobiles is their excellent aerodynamics. The streamlined design and enclosed shell significantly reduces wind resistance, enabling riders to achieve higher speeds with less effort than traditional bicycles. This increased efficiency translates into a more enjoyable and energy-saving riding experience. The average rider can see speeds on the flat well over 20 mph with about 200 watts of output or around 100 pedal RPMs.

Moreover, the enclosure offers protection from adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Regardless of the weather outside, velomobile riders can enjoy their cycling adventures in comfort and safety. Your body temperature keeps the cockpit warm. In Michigan, where I live, my expectation of riding 10 or 11 months of the year is a real mind-boggler. The shell also provides better visibility to other road users, enhancing overall road safety.

Touring with Velomobiles:
Velomobiles are not just limited to commuting or city riding; they are also popular among cyclists who enjoy long-distance touring. What makes them so well-suited for touring?

First and foremost, the comfortable recumbent seating position of Velomobiles allows riders to cover long distances without feeling fatigued or experiencing back, neck, or hand discomfort. The ergonomic design ensures a relaxed body posture, placing significantly less stress on joints and muscles compared to upright bicycles.

Velomobiles Start With W Frame.
Velomobiles Start With A Trike Frame.

Secondly, the enclosed shell offers storage space, allowing riders to carry essential items, supplies, and camping gear for multi-day tours. Velomobiles typically have cargo compartments behind the seat, under the feet, or within the shell itself, providing generous space for luggage. Surprised? It is a pleasant surprise when considering how difficult adding panniers to upright bikes and trikes. Worried about weight? The carbon fiber shell is so aerodynamic if you don’t put your parking brake on, a gust of wind will help it rollaway without you.

Velomobile ordering
Ordering Options can Personalize Your Velomobile for your riding style.

Additionally, Velomobiles are compatible with various power assist options, including electric motors and solar panels. These features can be particularly useful during long tours, as they provide an extra boost when needed, especially on challenging terrains or inclines. Having the option to augment your own power with electric assistance ensures that you can conquer longer distances and more demanding routes with ease.

Exploring the World with Velomobiles
One of the most exciting aspects of Velomobile touring is the opportunity it presents for adventure and exploration. Whether you are cycling through picturesque countryside, along coastal roads, or exploring urban landscapes, velomobiles allow for a unique perspective and experience.

Their enclosed design gives Velomobile riders a panoramic view of their surroundings, shielding them from wind and debris. This allows for a deeper connection with the environment, as you can fully immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of the places you visit. Luckily, it also has some well-thought-out venting for air movement. I have crossed paths with a skunk a few times, which will linger (a long time) if you don’t open the ventilation system.

Furthermore, Velomobiles are an excellent conversation starter and a great way to meet fellow cyclists or locals wherever you go. Their distinctive design often sparks curiosity and interest, inviting friendly conversations and exchanges along your journey. This can lead to memorable encounters and connections with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Please make sure you carry a cover if you intend to park for shopping or a quick lunch. You may find a crowd waiting for you to come back to ask questions.

Tips for Riding and Touring with Velomobiles
When it comes to riding and touring with Velomobiles, there are a few essential tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the handling: Velomobiles handle differently than traditional bicycles due to their three-wheeled configuration. Take the time to practice and become accustomed to the new riding dynamics before embarking on a longer tour.
  2. Plan your routes carefully: Velomobiles have unique specifications that may require more attention when planning routes. Ensure the roads you choose can accommodate the width and length of your velomobile, and consider the availability of charging stations or electrical outlets if using an electric assist system. Or carry a backup charging battery for your convenience.
  3. Maintain your Velomobile regularly: Just like any other vehicle, velomobiles require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Pay attention to tire pressure, chain lubrication, and battery health (if applicable) to avoid any unexpected breakdowns during your tour.
  4. Pack strategically: Take advantage of the storage space in your Velomobile, but be conscious of weight distribution. Place heavier items closer to the bottom and distribute the load evenly for better stability and handling.

Velomobiles offer cyclists an entirely new level of riding and touring experience. With their impressive aerodynamics, weather protection, and touring capabilities, they open up a world of possibilities for long-distance adventures. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an avid touring enthusiast, riding a Velomobile allows you to embrace the joy of cycling in utmost comfort, efficiency, and style. So, gear up, step into the enclosed cockpit, and embark on an unforgettable journey with your own Velomobiles.

Did I share that you may pass groups of electric cars lined up at the charging stations? I couldn’t resist, sorry.

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